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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adventcoins for sale by Advent Entertainment?  No. Adventcoins are utility tokens to be used for rewards and participation in projects of Advent Entertainment. To get Adventcoins you must participate in the Advent Community. 

What will Adventcoins be used for in the Advent Ecosystem?  You will be able to  purchase in-game, digital  and physical items from Advent projects on Advent sites with Adventcoin. Adventcoin holders may be involved in raffles for premiers and have special access to events and promotions. You will also be able to participate and vote on selected decisions of Advent as Management opens the door to the Community.

Can I join more than one Pool?  Yes. Please join them all!

Will Adventcoin holders be able to trade their Adventcoins?  Yes.

Will Adventcoin be listed on exchanges?  We plan to list Adventcoin on exchanges worldwide.

Is Adventcoin currently listed on any exchanges?  No. We have not yet launched.

What activities will allow Advent Community Members to earn additional Adventcoins?  Earning opportunities will be chosen by Advent Management but may include: Play to earn in video games, participating in Advent events, taking Advent quizzes, sharing of the Advent Community, joining exclusive clubs or groups created by Advent, purchasing NFTs created for Advent projects, unlocking special bonuses in games and on Advent sites, Augmented and Virtual Reality challenges, gifts to cast and crew of Advent projects and many, many other ways!